Slow Show

by lostindrawers

It is the new year, and we are on a mission for renewal, with new adventures and new rhythms, including redoing our extra room to make an all new creative work space for Heather. With our Alice-adorned Macbook (a Christmas present for Heather), we got a few ideas and with the help of IKEA, our family and a few hours, we were able to take the room and create an office, sewing and dressing room. Thanks to our family for helping out, and of course it was so great to have them in town for part of the weekend and to explore IKEA and downtown Dallas. Always a good time. Speaking of new years, well we have been bombarded with the wonder of Girl Scout cookies. Hello Thin Mints and PB Patties, you just made us add extra time to the evening walk with Emory. Cookies make everything a little bit better.