the dust of retreat

by lostindrawers

Let’s be honest. While it is the new year, there are moments when the year feels in no way new. Bills that were issued in 2011 come due in 2012. Essays and blogs from days or even months ago go unattended. Old habits die hard. New (good) ones are not so easily picked up. Life is a struggle for balance, for pockets of calm in the middle of storms that rage all around us, deep inside us. Like the song says, we truly are “creatures of the wind, wild as the wind.” Our life as a couple is one that truly does seek out adventure. We look for the good and beautiful in all things. We crave unbridled independence. But there is a equal opposite reaction to these desires. Our passions spill over into fights, each of us trying desperately to understand the other.

It often feels as if as soon as you get married you are suppose to have a life perfectly curated and put together, as if there is a unseen judge watching your every move. But no one has much of a clue when they get married, and the ones that appear so are so often hiding from themselves,  And yet, the norm is to try to present a unified front of serene success. Like we all have six figure salaries and perfect bungalows? Most don’t.  Life > blogging. Blogging and social media are tools, not ends to a mean. Simply put, blogging is a recording device, not a creative endeavor. Living, truly living every day as if it is a precious jewel…that’s an endeavor. That is worth, well. So, we ask ourselves real questions. Will we LIVE out our dreams in this new year? How can we make this world, this CITY we love better? Will we love each other deeper? Can we form community and deep friendships with people that last? Yes, it is the new year and it is better and different and exciting and frightening. And the questions are old and new and different and the same. Let’s go adventuring and see if the answers are in the art of living.