Home is wherever I’m with you

by lostindrawers

Some days you want to quit. You are at your breaking point and you have nothing left inside but pain, anger, questions and doubt. Those days are quite impossibly hard. Often, it seems they stretch into weeks and months and years. We have felt as if the world is passing us and our dimming dreams by, offering success to everyone but us. Cynicism seems to be lurking at the edges of our thoughts, and again, our minds turn to quitting. BUT…

Then there are these brief chances…moments when you have to stop and realize that there is a God that is in all good things. It’s not simply luck, or life breaking your way instead of so often going against you. Good is good. It is creative, bringing life to the voids in existence. We don’t see ourselves as good. We were told in Sunday School that we were born into sin. We have had injustices and neglect and violence thrown at our paths. Yet, our lives, our bodies ourselves are miracles. We are miracles. We are good. And in that, we glimpse an order in the middle of all this chaos. That order is God. And God is the type of good we know by another name: love. And love cannot be overcome. Even by death, or life as we know it.


We have a home (a rental home) that can be a haven when life slams against us. We have a place to, in the words of wiser people than us, invite the friend and the stranger to share in what we have been blessed with. We have a home for our future, and for our memories. We have a home that is big enough for more than the two + one puppy that is our family right now. It’s a home that is still on the west side of Fort Worth that we love, but in such a way that feels entirely new and there is a lot of merit to feeling that a new day and new and good things are happening in our world and life.

We have a home, a good home. And even if we have to squint with our hearts to see and feel it…that good is God speaking in the silence and showing us a love that needs no words. And that is enough.

Bo & Heather.