A Sea Chanty of Sorts

by lostindrawers

Sometimes we are reminded that there are people in our life path that are really good company. This entire weekend was one spent being reminded that we as people are never really alone along life’s path, as with kindness given, there is friendship received. We had a wonderful dinner with good friends on Friday at the worth the wait in line Fireside Pies, as well as saw other good friends out and about. It’s amazing how good it feels to spend time with people who want nothing other than conversation and laughter.

Saturday was a lazy day, with not much to do around a town besieged by stock show traffic.  Sunday brought tea time with another friend, who has the amazing ability to bring out the best and most honest side of us. (Thank you to Avoca Coffee for a letting us occupy several chairs for a good amount of time and for getting Heather hooked on Orange Swirl tea!) We also had a chance to meet a wonderful Lost In Drawers reader (and her adorable children), who was just lovely! To top it off, it was a much needed if not belated Christmas with Meme and Pawpaw Waller.  And there was cake, and more cake. Life really is good when you get the friends, and the perspective, you need.