Sunday Kind of Love

by lostindrawers

Last weekend as Valentine’s Day loomed on the horizon, we took to the roads to hopefully discover something new to inspire us.  So, who knew that in a sleepy corner of Uptown Dallas near the Katy Trail in a law office building would be one of the coolest art galleries we have ever been too. The Geometric & MADI Art Museum features an endless number of walls full of geometric and MADI styles of abstract modern art. Geometric art maintains the integrity of the frame, while MADI breaks all the rules of form and convention.

Not only is the museum free, but we were treated to a extraordinary tour by owner and executive director Dorothy Masterson, who along with her husband who owns the law firm that owns the building created and curate the museum.  We highly recommend going on a Sunday as the museum was practically ours alone. The styles are both limited (to two loose categories) and unlimited (using all types of colors and mediums). The art was truly international in scope and full of life.  We had a great day exploring every corner of the place, and our eyes really couldn’t take it all in. It was a perfect afternoon doing something we love, finding more reasons to love the region we call home.