Historic Hands at Baylor Medical

by lostindrawers

One of the keys to living in the city without resorting to the same activities over and over again is to keep an eye out for those rarities about town, things and activities that exist in environments that you wouldn’t expect give days out and about a special sense of adventure. Heather is quite good at finding these things. And such is the case with the Adrian E. Flatt M.D. Hand Collection, which is on display at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas in the lobby of the George W. Truett Memorial Hospital. What is even better is that the display is open 24/7 and free to the public. Heather found it out by the way of the inclusion of (her favorite) the great Walt Disney in the collection. We recently checked out the collection and along with Walt, was a pretty diverse selection of bronze hand casts from many celebrities, politicians, writers, artists, as well as many influential fellow surgeons of Dr. Flatt who began the collection. The diversity and expression in the detail of the hands was truly cool, creepy but cool and something worth checking out.

And no trip to Dallas would be truly complete without a quick trip to Good Records, where we picked up a long overdue copy of a favorite record by Margo & The Nuclear So & So’s. But all good trips must come to a close, especially when we have a little puppy to take care of and spoil considering his recent trip to the veterinarian where they had to do blood tests and come home with quite the bandage. But vet visits aside, Emory is doing well and considering all the boxes and moving chaos around the house, it is obvious our entire household is ready to be out of this space and into a new home.