Lost in Drawers

Month: February, 2012

Block of Color

Sometimes you can’t traipse through a giant magical forest to get an outfit picture…so, sometimes you just have the side of your house. And that can work, right…right? This is just a snap shot of a little color blocking I did for this first Wednesday of February.

I bought this skirt, oh about two years ago and never had a chance to wear it…initially, I kind of hated it, but the real beauty of vintage is loving pieces that you can pick out on a whim and end up loving them later for an entirely different reason.

The week is flying by as we get closer daily to the big move and the walls are becoming less filled and boxes are being procured. Emory doesn’t know what to think, and we are sure he will be a mess for a bit with new changes in the air. And what better way to pack than to throw on a good Nina Simone record and pack pack pack away! Here is to working for the weekend.

Outfit Description- Blouse-xx1, Vintage Skirt-Goodwill, Booties-xx1


It’s a new year and with keeping with the newness, sometimes you need a wee bit of a change. In this case, a new haircut and blowout from Sabrina (we highly, highly recommend!)…who has been cutting both Bo and I’s hair for some time. Despite how much I love long hair, it feels good to have layers upon layers. With a fresh cut and unseasonably warm weather, we procured a new couch (for weekend delivery) at a price that felt like a steal and it called for the one place that is a favorite for nice evenings. Pizza. Now this is a snapshot of our dinner, and while we obviously don’t eat this every single week…sometimes you want a slice of NY style pizza. At Picchi Pacchi in downtown Fort Worth, it’s homemade and cheap…and we can’t complain about tables on the sidewalk of main street. All in all, a perfect evening as the month comes to a close.