Lost in Drawers

Month: March, 2012

Mary Poppins

We have been waiting for this day for a long time. And lately, we have been all about the theater (Alice in Wonderland on Saturday!!). So, some time ago when tickets to the national touring Broadway company’s production of Mary Poppins went on sale, we jumped at the chance to go on the very first night. Heather adores everything about Mary and to be truthful, Bert is one of my (Bo’s) heroes. So we headed downtown for huge slices of NYC style pizza and the wonderful Bass Hall. Tonight couldn’t have come quickly enough.

And the show? It. Did. NOT. Disappoint. So so so great. The production quality was outstanding, the actors engaging, the dancing thrilling and the songs were of course so so good. We couldn’t have asked for more. The actors portraying Mary & Bert were amazing, and by the end the entire audience was standing clapping to one last song. We were in tears seeing older ladies dancing and clapping and everyone with such great smiles.  Pure joy.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, indeed.

Farmers Branch Historical Park

There are several reasons why I really love my husband. He is kind, and just a beyond lovely human being. BUT more importantly, he loves to dweeb out with me and never complains about going to the many historical sites I drag him to. And let me tell you, its been quite a running list of sites. Today we headed out to the Farmers Branch Historical Park, which not only is free but full of cool buildings (I mean how many houses, log cabins can you stand by? A lot!), manicured grounds and on this day glorious, glorious sunshine! If you have time we highly recommend you take a stroll, a picnic, family and enjoy the scenery. We had a great afternoon exploring, followed by antique stores and ice cream in the park. Could a Saturday be any more perfect? I’m thinking no.

“Something in the air this morning made me feel like flying. . . ” Spring Flight”

The weather is gorgeous as of late. Texas has really outdone itself with this recent Spring weather, and we pray it lasts just a little bit longer. It’s actually quite the dream, and our favorite time of year. A great benefit of Spring is that we have emerged from the tendency to hibernate and go exploring. So, while out adventuring, Heather picked up this vintage dress at the Dallas Vintage & Jewelry Show a couple weekends ago – from Nova, and her vintage clothing shop A Collective Nest. And honestly, I can always tell when she really likes an article of clothing. And she looks amazing in it – can I say that? I think I can.

And speaking of new things, can we talk about Cindi’s New York Delicatessen & Bakery? Why have either of us never been there? Why I ask…WHY?! One of five locations, it was like stepping into a diner anywhere in New York or on the upper east coast.  And the food? So good, like really good – pure old school classics! Not to mention the giant fluffy cheesecake. We will definitely be back for more, especially when we are off our bread fast and can dive into giant deli sandwiches. Huge, giant deli sandwiches and bread…lots of bread.

Chop, Chop, Chop

Newsflash! No, actually it’s more like a slow blog day? Being that it is now Spring, today called for something new…something little bit different. Specifically, I cut a little length off my hair. Spring = short, right? But I made a deal with my hairstylist that this is the last short cut for the year. Bo was the witness to this agreement. Now, was this blog worthy for a Thursday? Probably not. But it happened.

By the way, it’s our local 24 hour diner, Ol’ South Pancake House’s 50th anniversary, and that is something to be proud of. And if by some chance you haven’t been, we suggest you do if you are in the local Fort Worth area. It’s one of our favorites and among all the classics, their homemade chocolate mousse pie is beyond amazing. There isn’t words how good it is. And while the blog day might seem slow, our day kept busy with all the errands Fort Worth could throw our way. Good thing newly chopped hair made the day feel new as cool weather gives way to the best time of year.

The First Day of Spring

Bo and I are not photographers by any stretch of the imagination. We do know, love and spend time with our really close friends that are extremely talented photographers. And so on this first day of Spring, I was inspired by the season, the blooming flowers, the amazing colors, to the point that I dusted off my Canon and we explored again the always photogenic Botanical Gardens of Fort Worth. It was a great way to usher in spring as the sun set on a day after Texas weather brought rain and power outages that left us in the pitch black dark and a little crazy/moody for much of Monday night. So we thank you Spring for coming to us so quickly!

Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show

This weekend was the first ever Dallas Vintage Clothing & Vintage Jewelry Show. Held in Grapevine at the convention center, the event brought together vendors selling vintage clothing and a lot of wonderful vintage jewelry. We were really happy to meet extremely kind people like Nova from A Collective Nest in Norman, OK – where Heather found a great vintage print dress. There was some really great jewelry, more than one can take in during one afternoon. It was a fun day, and downtown Grapevine is increasingly becoming an area we are wanting to explore more and more. We are intrigued to see what is in store for this event in the future. An afternoon that was a really central part of a weekend of family, food, and plenty of cool events out in Dallas-Fort Worth.

P.S. One would think that we would work on that whole hand on the hip thing…but there you have it. Married a few years and we are officially the same person.

The Dallas Arts District-Spring Break Block Party 2012

We were really excited when we found out that our family coming into town coincided with the Dallas Arts District Spring Break Block Party! Expanding on what we had previously experienced with the Dallas Museum of Art’s Late Nights at the DMA events (we had a wonderful time sometime back at the Alice in Wonderland event and the next one is a Roaring Twenties theme April 20th! ) that incorporate wonderful themes into the art displayed from the collections. This year the block party took it to a new level, with the Crow Collection of Asian Art having a photography centered event that fused photography related events with Japanese experiences, as well as a great photo booth on the street for people to document their night.  Along with beverage tastings, there was an impromptu food truck park and street fair activities. The DMA had a Where The Wild Things Are theme, and who doesn’t want to meet Carol and don a crown like Max?! It was so much fun to take our family to a museum that we love and the night was beautiful – we couldn’t have asked for much more. Here is to the changing of the seasons – spring time is here!

P.S. I think it is time to get out Canon back into our hands!

The One Where We Update On Life In The Liles’ House

Sometimes it is good to slow down. Moving to a new house was one of those things that was a mostly positive, if not very stressful, experience. But it seemed that every waking moment was filled with lists, boxes needing to be unpacked and always another window treatment to be hung. But we can say that we are finally settling into our new home just off of the Boulevard and down the hill. It’s been a week that brought trials but as we slide one day closer to the (very busy) weekend, it is a good thing to put aside anything, ANYTHING, that can distract us from the good in our world. Life may be often unkind, but we have those certain people that speak truth and love to us. And situations may try and beat us up, but we have a future that will always be brighter than our past. That is what is good about refusing to look back and get stuck in old things, as we really have the opportunity to build our life as we see fit – with more daring, more adventure and constant constant growth.

This Weekend

Having family in town is always fun because not only do we get to spend time with them, we get to both show them things we love around town and experience brand new things as we find them. Like taking them to our favorite brunch spot, Taverna, downtown Fort Worth. We dream of the vanilla french toast, and the mimosas and the belinis are amazing. We also found out about the annual Dolly Johnson Antique & Art Show, which happened to be this weekend. A lot of dealers and quite a bit of unique and interesting items for inspiration. Which really got us excited for the upcoming Vintage Clothing & Jewelry show in Grapevine this weekend, and the fact that our entire Brooks family is coming back to town. This weekend was full of great food, laughter and a reminder that the best things in life are the people and things that make us happy and remind us of what we love.

Happy 48th!

As it is Nancy Brook’s birthday weekend, (she is very special and deserves a whole weekend) and the family is in town…it was time to get the party going with a table full of flowers, balloons, a donut tower, frosty OJ and presents for the birthday gal! Mom is incredibly special, so the day was full of more sweet treats, balloons and flowers. Shared bites for lunch, a nap, birthday dinner at Cast Iron and we were off to the treat of the evening: RENT at Casa Mañana. Casa has a special place for us, even though this was our first time together.  We both saw our first play & musical there as kids…Heather at 4 and Bo at some undetermined age. It was exciting to come back, and the cast was quite good so good times were had by all.  Top it off with drinks and dessert and we must admit: Mom’s birthday is a treat for us all. Not to mention to come home to a puppy who had made his home amongst an ocean of shoes. Today was a good day.

We love you, Nancy Brooks – Happy Birthday!