by lostindrawers

Sometimes it’s the back story that makes a night special. Radiohead isn’t just a favorite band…it’s a part of our story. Back before we had met, but did know of each other, Radiohead was playing in The Woodlands near Houston, we both had tickets but only Heather was able to attend. Fast forward to 2008, again Radiohead was playing Dallas and both of us had tickets and yet only one Bo Liles was able to attend. In both cases, it was close calls and near meet-ups. After meeting shortly after the 2008 show, we made a pact, no matter what, the next Radiohead tour we would be there together. So, from start to finish it took 8 years but tonight it was totally worth it.

The thing about Radiohead is that you can’t quite comprehend what you are hearing and seeing on stage.  They are the best technical band we have ever seen, although Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver are a very close second. Visually, they harness technology to a stunning effect. Even 20 years into their careers, you can’t believe Thom Yorke can dance like that, and you find yourself joining in to the point, in Heather’s case, you dance till your boots fall apart. And if you are a tech nerd (Bo Liles) you gawk the whole time at Johnny Greenwood attacking his guitar and various other instruments.

And with the new songs, the perfection of tracks from In Rainbows, a tease of True Love Waits and the pair of Karma Police and Paranoid Android…our story was made a little richer and closer with a show that had an strange crowd watching a perfect band.