Happy 48th!

by lostindrawers

As it is Nancy Brook’s birthday weekend, (she is very special and deserves a whole weekend) and the family is in town…it was time to get the party going with a table full of flowers, balloons, a donut tower, frosty OJ and presents for the birthday gal! Mom is incredibly special, so the day was full of more sweet treats, balloons and flowers. Shared bites for lunch, a nap, birthday dinner at Cast Iron and we were off to the treat of the evening: RENT at Casa Mañana. Casa has a special place for us, even though this was our first time together.  We both saw our first play & musical there as kids…Heather at 4 and Bo at some undetermined age. It was exciting to come back, and the cast was quite good so good times were had by all.  Top it off with drinks and dessert and we must admit: Mom’s birthday is a treat for us all. Not to mention to come home to a puppy who had made his home amongst an ocean of shoes. Today was a good day.

We love you, Nancy Brooks – Happy Birthday!