The One Where We Update On Life In The Liles’ House

by lostindrawers

Sometimes it is good to slow down. Moving to a new house was one of those things that was a mostly positive, if not very stressful, experience. But it seemed that every waking moment was filled with lists, boxes needing to be unpacked and always another window treatment to be hung. But we can say that we are finally settling into our new home just off of the Boulevard and down the hill. It’s been a week that brought trials but as we slide one day closer to the (very busy) weekend, it is a good thing to put aside anything, ANYTHING, that can distract us from the good in our world. Life may be often unkind, but we have those certain people that speak truth and love to us. And situations may try and beat us up, but we have a future that will always be brighter than our past. That is what is good about refusing to look back and get stuck in old things, as we really have the opportunity to build our life as we see fit – with more daring, more adventure and constant constant growth.