Chop, Chop, Chop

by lostindrawers

Newsflash! No, actually it’s more like a slow blog day? Being that it is now Spring, today called for something new…something little bit different. Specifically, I cut a little length off my hair. Spring = short, right? But I made a deal with my hairstylist that this is the last short cut for the year. Bo was the witness to this agreement. Now, was this blog worthy for a Thursday? Probably not. But it happened.

By the way, it’s our local 24 hour diner, Ol’ South Pancake House’s 50th anniversary, and that is something to be proud of. And if by some chance you haven’t been, we suggest you do if you are in the local Fort Worth area. It’s one of our favorites and among all the classics, their homemade chocolate mousse pie is beyond amazing. There isn’t words how good it is. And while the blog day might seem slow, our day kept busy with all the errands Fort Worth could throw our way. Good thing newly chopped hair made the day feel new as cool weather gives way to the best time of year.