Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

by lostindrawers

There are certain things in life that stay with you. For me, Alice In Wonderland has always been there.  When my mom made the decision to move to Fort Worth, she was thinking of me and a better, happier future for the two of us and and so, our initial time after our move was spent in a local womens’ shelter. And while we were staying there, she took me to Casa Manana and at the age of 4, I was introduced to Alice and the amazing world of Wonderland. Alice has been with me ever since.  I have been so excited since it was announced that Casa was putting on Alice In Wonderland Jr! Bo and I have talked about it constantly and I was beyond ready to see the theater performance that started my lifelong love of all things Alice.  And it was entirely worth the wait.  The production was fantastic, and my happy memories of the first time I was in Casa for the play came rushing back.  The songs, the humor and of course, Alice’s journey will always be close to my heart.  I love my mom for giving me that, and today I got to finally to see the finale. And it was so great!

Today also held other really cool discoveries. We are always on the lookout for new places to explore, and recently we came across Vintage Junkys wonderful new store in Colleyville.  Today we got to explore it, and it held so much to look at, and was a really great store that had so much awesome mid century furniture and decor. And the mug we picked up, well its undecided whether Bo will get to take it to work or not. I am sure a few more trips and we might get to take it all in. We definitely recommend it!

We are really blessed to live in our city. But mostly because we have really great friends. We are lucky to know the Rios family, and it was amazing to celebrate our friend Katie’s birthday with good food, conversation, and of course really really amazing red velvet cake. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.