Carry a Blindfolded Man Through the Trees

by lostindrawers

One of the greatest things in in life just might be the chance to introduce a child to a new place and/or thing. We have always tried to put family first, and when the opportunity came around to introduce our niece and nephew to The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (FREE on the First Sunday of the month)! It was so amazing to watch their eyes light up and see them rush from piece to piece, always with auntie and uncle nearby to help them avoid the nosy gaze of the museum docents. It was a great day, with perfect weather…and we got to finally see the silver trees up close! The kids loved it, and we had as much fun returning the few eye rolls thrown our way as we took a ton of pictures. It’s important to remember times like this, and to document it all, because there is something to be said for making memories that give you the strength to make it through the tough times.