Adult Friendships

by lostindrawers

Remember the last days of high school?  That time where every “best” friend promises to be there for their circle of people till the end of time? Then we become adults and things change.  People move away, priorities change, some grow up and some act out, some settle and some chase dreams. And then you look back over your twenties and ahead to your thirties and wonder: what about that lasting friendship? It’s true that some people are blessed with childhood friends throughout life, but so often reminiscing with an old friend ends up being a retread through the “good old days” of high school.  And truth be told, high school was awkward. No one wants to peak at 16. So, what about adult friendships?

We have been talking about this for sometime.  In the four years we have been together, it has been quite the journey in making mutual friends as a couple.  I, Bo, have my old guy friends and acquaintances and Heather has her close friends from over the years. But what about when you have moved around some, and are trying to settle in a city and make a circle of people around you that give that much needed sense of community? How do you make friends?

We admit that we are busy, and honestly it is truly because we have made it our priority to squeeze every moment and memory out of life.  And yeah, we are quirky and cautious in making new connections.  It’s where we are in life, and very much a part of the journey that has brought a wealth of both highs and lows into our world.  But we are to a point where thanks to the grace of God, we are finding our life being filled with connections with people who are encouraging and full of life. Some of these people have been a steady presence in our lives and others are new friends who are bringing reminders of a hope that any of us need from day to day and week to week.

What makes a good friend as we all grow into this new-found adulthood? We are finding that both being and having good friends is about loyalty, keeping promises and like any relationship, it’s about honest communication. It’s not always about epic nights, or material possessions. It’s about when life is throwing its worst at you that someone is a message or a phone call away to let you know they are there for you. It’s a package in the mail, and its a kind word when you least expect it but need it most. It’s not what the world thinks of us, but how we love and are loved by our friends.  We are thankful for the friends who are in our life, and we are hopeful that life will bring more people into our life that we can show the kindness we have received.

Bo & Heather