Hoppy Easter 2012

by lostindrawers

Looking back, we cannot believe it is Easter all over again! The last year has brought a lot of challenge and change into our world, but that is what is so wonderful about Easter…the hope of new life. We know all too well that the culture we live in is both full of people who buy into the idea that the only way to get ahead is too shove others out of the way, stay cynical and forgo kindness for cruelty and backstabbing. The last year offered plenty of opportunities to be cynical and choose anger over kindness. But our faith is such that regardless of how often religion can get in its own way, our faith has always led us back to a place of new life. And for us, Easter is the true symbol of resurrection, where love wins over and against death.

This year we were happy to be spending Easter in our new house, and on Easter Sunday to visit Calvary Church, where Bo’s dad pastors, with our good friends Katie, Kelsey and Kassie. Which always leads to pictures and outtakes and laughs. And of course, Easter wouldn’t be complete without family dinner, including multiple main courses, and pie! PIE, I say! There is not much better than that. Well, a certain puppy bunny child was waiting at home with his ears on, ready to hop about with his mama and papa. And there is nothing more full of new life than a little boy.

We have so much to truly be thankful for this week, and as Spring is here, we hope to always remain grateful as we try to be kind and live our life open and honestly. When life tries to derail us, we have to remember that “lifted out of the wreckage, (we are) found in the aftermath.”

Happy Hoppy Easter!