More Than This Life There is Love

by lostindrawers

Today was a really great day. Texas is beautiful right now. Heather showed me how she can make a shirt into a skirt, and I must say, she is really cute. It was a day of going about town, and there is no other person in the world I’d rather spend a day off with.

There is something to be said for a simple dinner date. It can be better than the fanciest night out, given a few simple provisions. For us, it is all about a hole in the wall restaurant with really great food, conversation and laughter. Take tonight for example: after a day of taking care of pre-Easter errands, we went to Fortuna Italian Restaurant. Simply the best Italian food in the city, and it’s near our neighborhood. Go there, order the chicken fettuccine alfredo and baked manicotti  you won’t regret it.

And the conversation? Well, we have a thing for collecting old photographs, post cards and notes that we come across in flea markets and antique malls. Today, we came across a homemade Christmas card, made out of a photo of a young boy. On the back, the boy’s mother had written a letter to a man – and from there our conversation took off, trying to fill in the gaps of the story and unravel the mystery of relationships, missing children and this family’s life in 1944. Entirely fascinating. And our new dinner date ritual.

Being Easter weekend, and considering how relaxed the day proved to be, so we decided to attempt dying eggs using silk! Leave it to Martha Stewart (Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs) to use silk from old neckties, white jersey fabric, twist ties and a pot of simmering water and vinegar to create something entirely easy and unique.

Here is to celebrating life, and all the love that Easter represents!