by lostindrawers

There are certain things in life that are simply true. Lately, we have been going through quite a few difficult things and life can feel overwhelming. What is true is that when we are struggling, for us the best thing to do is to give. And it’s not like we are preaching to anyone other than ourselves, but its true for us that we feel at our best when giving. It is something that Heather has brought to our life, something we are cultivating, and hope will be something we pass on to future generations in our family. So, with that in mind, Heather decided that the best way to show some love is to make Strawberry Cream pies for people in our life that have impacted us in a special way. And the combination of the de-stressing tool of making the pies and the joy of delivering them has already made our week. And honestly, it really feels better to give. I think its started a trend in our house, to bake and to make and to give.