Great Walls

by lostindrawers

One might not think about walls when describing the charms of any certain city. But here in our hometown of Fort Worth, we have found that one of the better ways to learn about the soul of our city is through its walls.  From architectural details, to weathered bricks, to the many murals painted and plastered from city limit to city limit, you can learn about the town and the heart of the people that make Fort Worth our chosen home. It’s obvious we have a soft spot for odd and weirdly lovable walls, as many have shown up here on Lost In Drawers. (These wonderful murals were found on our way home from our BBQ dinner date. We noticed them right away and quickly u-turned to go explore them.  Found at the Ties to the Past Antiques and Eclectics, which we have yet to go in to, so cant wait to see what’s inside because of how neat these are.)

Next time, look around…the best parts of Fort Worth are painted and standing all around.