Staying Positive

by lostindrawers

We really do try and stay positive in our home and by extension, on Lost In Drawers. But can I just be honest and say that this week has been awful. Just plain awful. Even to the point of my mother taking the time to be completely honest with me during our daily phone calls, as it is apparent to her that Bo and I looked down and utterly exhausted when she saw us last weekend. Its true, we have been stressed to the point that at the worst of times it felt as if the walls of our life could cave in at any moment. And it is not just the idea of general stress, but all that goes with it. Sleep deprivation. Decreased nutrition. Mental exhaustion, or just exhaustion of every type. We needed a break from constant movement, tasks, lists, worry, the blues and did I mention stress? Something needed to happen, we needed relief.

 With some but not too much guidance, Bo brought me home my absolute favorite drink in a ridiculously large size, we went shopping for dinner, made said dinner, went plant shopping and discovered the world of succulents (!) and generally relaxed with a nice Mosccato and the pitter patter of a certain Pomeranian. The effect was amazing. The weekend is practically here, and by the grace of God we made it and the promise of days away from the grinding routine of life has never been more welcome. Hello, road trip!