Main Street Arts Fest

by lostindrawers

In the last few years, we have really wanted to attend Fort Worth’s Main St. Arts Festival, but it seemed that we always had other obligations. Bo had been telling me about it for years, and so this Sunday felt like the right time to slip in to the crowds in the afternoon and check out all the art, food and music. I was proud to see our fellow Fort Worthians out in force, as it gave me the chance to engage in some prime people watching, Bo & I’s favorite random activity. We really do love this city, and despite the wind, there is NOT a better way to spend a Sunday than walking downtown. So we braved the wind gusts, but without our Sunday downtown walking partner, Emory Holden, as the city ordinance for the festival prevented him from being around Main Street.

So, festival concluded, we rushed to pick the little guy up for a car ride, Curly’s hot dogs, strawberry custard with sprinkles and more of our sodas picked up in Arcadia at Pop’s. But despite our best efforts, a couple days later, Emory was still not satisfied…and took his anger out on an entire roll of toilet paper.  And so the week began for our little Fort Worth family of three.