Dallas Heritage Village- Part 2

by lostindrawers

Being residents of a fair sized city, it is a fact that one will develop favorites. Certain restaurants, stores, neighborhoods all become a part of your routine. One of our favorites emerged out of our love of historical areas, the Dallas Heritage Village just off of downtown Dallas. This was our second visit, after we really enjoyed the first visit last year. What is so cool about such an expansive place is how much each visit can reveal new things that are so cool.

From getting to fully explore the Blum Bros. General Store fully, to the Millermore House which was not open last year, and the MKT Depot. Yes, we are total history nerds, we can’t help being fascinated with other places and time periods. The day was perfect, the sun was out and Dallas was actually treating us well with Heritage Village and a trip to Cindi’s NY Delicatessen and Bakery. The latter being so worth it as well, because the first time when we went to Cindi’s, we were on a bread fast, so being able to sample the delicious corned beef on rye sandwich and the amazing dinner rolls that came with the chicken dinner. Also, entirely worth it are the pastries and sweet treats, such as the petites fours, for those of us with a sweet tooth.

  So, again…we highly recommend Dallas Heritage Village, and Cindi’s, as a part of the best and underrated places to visit in DFW.

Up next, the Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum!