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Month: May, 2012

Coastal Glasses

Well, good things come to those who wait. Thanks to Coastal Glasses, we both were able to pick up a pair of new prescription frames that we both love a whole lot. The process was easy and the result is pretty fantastic. I, Bo, was years overdue for new glasses, and Heather was able to add another great frame.

Ordering glasses online is always tricky, especially when it comes to sizing the frame to one’s face. But Coastal does it right, and we had absolutely no problems with the prescription (unlike our early experiences with other websites) and so a new chapter is started and a new leaf of eye wear looks in the Liles house has been turned!

Bo’s glassesJoseph Marc 4070 Brown Tortoise, Heather’s glasses-Joseph Marc 4083 Havana

They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.

It certainly has been a while since an outfit post has been up on Lost in Drawers! Being that summer is just around the corner, there has been much we have been needing to accomplish and even more to enjoy. New summer sandals to break in, a vintage dress to enjoy as the Texas heat begins to rise, even if the late spring humidity makes it feel more like Florida. It’s the go to combination for a Texas summer. But the reality is that summer really is here, and it is time to store the ever trusty cardigans and embrace the bright (often hot) sunshine. We hadn’t been to the Botanical Gardens in a while, so in spite of the afore mentioned steamy air, we just had to get in some Garden time before their Summer Concert Series takes over the grounds. And what better way to enjoy the summer evening?

LULA Issue #14! My copy arrived today, and not a moment too soon (All thanks go to Bo, I was more than willing to wait it out at Barnes & Noble, but the sweetheart that he is, ordered it posthaste. I mean what a guy.) No better way to enjoy husband and wife time then to draw inspiration from the always wonderful Lula, even if it only arrives twice a year.

Up next…beach time!

Memorial Day

Being Memorial Day, we must say that not only are we forever grateful for those who have served past and present, but any time we get a week day off together is something to celebrate. But let’s be honest, what to do when half of the city’s establishments are closed?

So, with family scattered far and wide, we took the day in stride by first trying Oliver’s Fine Foods downtown Fort Wort, which did not disappoint with its soups, breads(!) and sandwiches. And with new summer sandals in tow, we explored many antique malls and thrift stores which turned up a few items for each of us. So, in the spirit of celebration, we added a run to pick up Sprinkles Cupcakes and more treasure hunting. But relaxation is the name of the holiday game so with a nice dinner in hand and the storm clouds rolling in, we did what symbolizes holidays the best: spent time with each other as family.

Farm living is the life for me

What do you do when you find a farm homestead in the middle of the city? Well, you go there as soon as possible. The Nash Farm in Grapevine is one of those welcome oddities, where the past jumps out from the sameness of modern life. With a wonderful house, various cool structures (a working smokehouse!), super attentive chickens, and yes a baby cow and his mama. Amazing. And Bo geeking out over the vegetable gardens…it took great effort to pull him away. So, when the city becomes boring? Find yourself at the Nash Farm. Is it time to move to the country?!

Tongue Tied

The weekend always brings that sense of relief, as our routines become one routine and we have days to rest and explore and work and dream. It’s a hive of family and activity around our house, there is laundry and seemingly always needing to do yard work, and days to plan. So, we documented a day, and the lesson to be learned is not to let one’s husband grab their phone and catch me getting ready (and we probably need to mow the lawn at some point?)! But the time at Nash Farm in Grapevine was fun (and free!) because who doesn’t love proud chickens and baby cows! Moving to the country sounds good right about now.

Fort Worth’s Arts Goggle 2012 was quite legit yet again, with a sizable turnout for the later start time. Our late evenings have been busy as well, with a lot of time invested in the behind the scenes work for online store and the always fun photo shoots of dresses from our inventory. So, look for more announcements coming soon in that regard!

So, our little family wakes up together and we fall happily into bed together after a day and a weekend living our life just the way we’d have it.

Heather & Bo

M’lady & M’lord

 Yes, you are seeing this right, we indeed go to the cheese feast that is Medieval Times. Because sometimes in life, you need to eat a four course meal of which every course included the use of the word dragon and some type of meat product. Being that Mother’s Day was a celebration of mom, the only fitting way to honor her would be the donning crowns and watching fake knights ride real horses and generally have a great time (Nancy, the mothers idea!). So, how was it?  In a word – hilarious. And fun. And cool. And real cheesy. And back to fun again.

Life is best when we don’t take ourselves too serious and let go and have fun. Look at the photo of Heather with the Master of Ceremonies – a perfect mix of shock (he jumped out of nowhere) and joy.  So, thank you Michael and Nancy Brooks for a night of jousting, eating insane amounts of meat, horse dander allergies and the reminder that life is too precious not to have fun in unexpected ways every single day.

The Art of Smile & Nod

Nothing says you love your mother like sculptures of large moving bolts and metal art work in a garden. But seriously, what can I say about my mother that would fully describe how much I love her? She is the most genuine/strongest spirit that I have ever met. We have been together for 27 years, through thick and thin. She taught me how to be strong and how to be true to myself. Because of her example, I have always loved her with a fierce love. That kind of love can go through the all things that life can throw one’s way and come out unscathed and so much stronger. And now that I am married, it means so much to me that she has taken Bo into our family so seamlessly and treats him as one of her own. She has always been my light and that light’s brighter than ever.

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln.


P.S. See those mini blueberry cream pies, I made those all for her!

Happy Mothers Day!


Happy Mother’s day (weekend!) that is!

We will be spending this weekend with my mother doing all things motherly. And isn’t fun to do all the things she wants just to see her smile? We are grateful for family and every time spent together is both memorable and precious. So, love those around you this mother’s day! I hope we can show kindness and appreciation for the two women that we love and call mom.

May is National Bike Month-2012


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I had a grand old time reading this post from Sometimes Sweet! So we thought we would take a swing at these wonderful categories presented there:

Obsessing over: so many TV shows! Maybe too many shows, and too much TV? From Once Upon A Time, Veep, Game Of Thrones, The Voice, Fashion Star, Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Girls, American Idol, Smash to our regular staple of Simpsons  reruns…it is apparent we are enjoying what’s every night.

Working on: photo shoots, Etsy, inventory and various writing projects.

Thinking about: our moms; with mother’s day coming up, we have been reflecting on the impact they have made on our lives.

Anticipating: personal breakthroughs, spiritual growth, summertime, going to beaches (!), our birthdays and anniversary, Emory’s 2nd birthday, baking more and more pies, house projects, gardening, bike riding, road trips and all the possibilities of the best time of the year.

Listening to: Peggy Lee, Tony Lucca, Margo & The Nuclear So & So’s, Emory’s barks for more treats!

Drinking: we’ve said it before, but drinks are a big thing in our house: SODAS (especially anything from NY seems exceptional), OJ & Sprite, root beer floats, mimosas, bellinis, sweet tea and Bo’s ever growing cabinet of coffees.

Wishing: that Emory would learn English so he could tell us what he wants!