What Are We Doing?

by lostindrawers


Have you ever stopped for a minute and realized that life is often filled with a certain silence?  When we both look to the future, there are days that seem as if our future is filled with a blank silence that weighs heavy on our hearts and minds. We seem to be asking ourselves too often, what are we doing? It is not as if we don’t have dreams and passions or ambition, and yet we face this silence. Being followers of Jesus, we look to our faith and believe that God has created us for a defined purpose.  So, if we believe that to be true, what do we do when more days than not seem to be filled with this silence?

We want to be authentic, and that means asking the hard questions and not settling for the status quo. When life happens to neither say yes or no, but remains quiet about the future, we have to wonder why? It’s frustrating waiting for life to move, when we have tried to put in a lot of hard work into what we are passionate about. Heather reminds me from time to time that I have worked hard to earn two college degrees, and I have seen how she has done her best to follow her passion in learning at every turn from career and fashion school choices to working on learning and building our business on our own. We have been pushing to take our life from existing to truly living out our passions and what God has given to us.

So, if our generation is waiting for our lives to be more than repeated weeks and months on end, then how do we get beyond the silence and hear an answer, something beyond the silence?

And what is happiness, contentment, direction?

Is there a blueprint for that?

Our grandparents had the post-war boom, the pastel colored house, a few kids and a Chevrolet in the driveway. Our parents had the promise of new wealth and an early retirement. And our generation? Some do aspire to the house (we all need a place to call home), the kids (many of us want them) and the car (DFW is one example of no decent mass transit).

But Heather and I are a couple who have taken some strange alternate route. We are in our early 30’s and late 20’s, we don’t own a home, we haven’t experience the miracle of a child and we lost our newer car and had to get an older one. The old American Dream seems pretty foreign to us, as we were never sure we wanted a perfected curated life at the cost of our spirit anyway. There isn’t a formula that can magically end the silence we feel is our answer as of late. There is only a shimmer of a hope that comes by faith.

So, how do we handle the reality of these last couple of years of questioning and silence? The truth is that we keep looking for the faith that shimmers with hope. As Paul wrote in the scriptures, we run the race (not that sports metaphors are our favorite) with patience, looking to Jesus. In the silence, we have no other hope for the honest questions that come constantly day after day.