Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum

by lostindrawers

Texas has decided that it’s time for a summer preview, or possibly even just start summer early. So, with sunny skies, we headed south to a place we had passed, even attempted to visit several times, in the past…the Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum near Cleburne Texas(and it’s free, free, free!).

We obviously love historical sites, but let’s be honest: we came for the tipis, more commonly spelled teepee. Seriously, why would anyone pass up on a good tipi? When you see one on the side of the road…you pull over. With the sun shining down, we explored the trail head and got a really cool tour of a 19th century schoolhouse. But, again we found ourselves inside the tipis.

But there was a certain Pomeranian puppy to get home to, and as you can see, he was in the mood to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! And for any celebration, our household will defer to ice cream, because what says freedom and democracy and heritage pride like birthday cake ice cream?