by lostindrawers

I had a grand old time reading this post from Sometimes Sweet! So we thought we would take a swing at these wonderful categories presented there:

Obsessing over: so many TV shows! Maybe too many shows, and too much TV? From Once Upon A Time, Veep, Game Of Thrones, The Voice, Fashion Star, Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Girls, American Idol, Smash to our regular staple of Simpsons  reruns…it is apparent we are enjoying what’s every night.

Working on: photo shoots, Etsy, inventory and various writing projects.

Thinking about: our moms; with mother’s day coming up, we have been reflecting on the impact they have made on our lives.

Anticipating: personal breakthroughs, spiritual growth, summertime, going to beaches (!), our birthdays and anniversary, Emory’s 2nd birthday, baking more and more pies, house projects, gardening, bike riding, road trips and all the possibilities of the best time of the year.

Listening to: Peggy Lee, Tony Lucca, Margo & The Nuclear So & So’s, Emory’s barks for more treats!

Drinking: we’ve said it before, but drinks are a big thing in our house: SODAS (especially anything from NY seems exceptional), OJ & Sprite, root beer floats, mimosas, bellinis, sweet tea and Bo’s ever growing cabinet of coffees.

Wishing: that Emory would learn English so he could tell us what he wants!