M’lady & M’lord

by lostindrawers

 Yes, you are seeing this right, we indeed go to the cheese feast that is Medieval Times. Because sometimes in life, you need to eat a four course meal of which every course included the use of the word dragon and some type of meat product. Being that Mother’s Day was a celebration of mom, the only fitting way to honor her would be the donning crowns and watching fake knights ride real horses and generally have a great time (Nancy, the mothers idea!). So, how was it?  In a word – hilarious. And fun. And cool. And real cheesy. And back to fun again.

Life is best when we don’t take ourselves too serious and let go and have fun. Look at the photo of Heather with the Master of Ceremonies – a perfect mix of shock (he jumped out of nowhere) and joy.  So, thank you Michael and Nancy Brooks for a night of jousting, eating insane amounts of meat, horse dander allergies and the reminder that life is too precious not to have fun in unexpected ways every single day.