Tongue Tied

by lostindrawers

The weekend always brings that sense of relief, as our routines become one routine and we have days to rest and explore and work and dream. It’s a hive of family and activity around our house, there is laundry and seemingly always needing to do yard work, and days to plan. So, we documented a day, and the lesson to be learned is not to let one’s husband grab their phone and catch me getting ready (and we probably need to mow the lawn at some point?)! But the time at Nash Farm in Grapevine was fun (and free!) because who doesn’t love proud chickens and baby cows! Moving to the country sounds good right about now.

Fort Worth’s Arts Goggle 2012 was quite legit yet again, with a sizable turnout for the later start time. Our late evenings have been busy as well, with a lot of time invested in the behind the scenes work for online store and the always fun photo shoots of dresses from our inventory. So, look for more announcements coming soon in that regard!

So, our little family wakes up together and we fall happily into bed together after a day and a weekend living our life just the way we’d have it.

Heather & Bo