Memorial Day

by lostindrawers

Being Memorial Day, we must say that not only are we forever grateful for those who have served past and present, but any time we get a week day off together is something to celebrate. But let’s be honest, what to do when half of the city’s establishments are closed?

So, with family scattered far and wide, we took the day in stride by first trying Oliver’s Fine Foods downtown Fort Wort, which did not disappoint with its soups, breads(!) and sandwiches. And with new summer sandals in tow, we explored many antique malls and thrift stores which turned up a few items for each of us. So, in the spirit of celebration, we added a run to pick up Sprinkles Cupcakes and more treasure hunting. But relaxation is the name of the holiday game so with a nice dinner in hand and the storm clouds rolling in, we did what symbolizes holidays the best: spent time with each other as family.