They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.

by lostindrawers

It certainly has been a while since an outfit post has been up on Lost in Drawers! Being that summer is just around the corner, there has been much we have been needing to accomplish and even more to enjoy. New summer sandals to break in, a vintage dress to enjoy as the Texas heat begins to rise, even if the late spring humidity makes it feel more like Florida. It’s the go to combination for a Texas summer. But the reality is that summer really is here, and it is time to store the ever trusty cardigans and embrace the bright (often hot) sunshine. We hadn’t been to the Botanical Gardens in a while, so in spite of the afore mentioned steamy air, we just had to get in some Garden time before their Summer Concert Series takes over the grounds. And what better way to enjoy the summer evening?

LULA Issue #14! My copy arrived today, and not a moment too soon (All thanks go to Bo, I was more than willing to wait it out at Barnes & Noble, but the sweetheart that he is, ordered it posthaste. I mean what a guy.) No better way to enjoy husband and wife time then to draw inspiration from the always wonderful Lula, even if it only arrives twice a year.

Up next…beach time!