Granbury City Beach

by lostindrawers

The sure sign summer is on the verge of arriving fully is the opening of the quite wonderful Granbury City Beach. We have posted about this great spot before, and June 2012 has brought us back to the sand and the water on the shore of Lake Granbury. We try to go to City Beach on Sundays, where it slightly less crowded, and this trip was no exception. And what can you expect from City Beach? Families, some crowding near the water (we stay towards the back near the greenery), varying qualities of white sand, but hey, it is a beach 40 minutes from west Fort Worth!  It might not be an ocean but it is a beach and a boardwalk where you can relax, swim and of course, build sandcastles!

And being adults, we stood alone among the 5 0r so children building our castle, which we were very proud of (our moat needs a little more work). Then we smashed it to pieces. Granbury Beach is worth it. Bring an umbrella, a lot of water, towels and imagination. So, here is to our real embrace of summer. 1 out of 5 swimsuits has been worn, so here is to the adventures that await the others. The beach!