Don’t Worry Baby

by lostindrawers

Sometimes, summer gives you a stretch of days that are memorable in the smallest yet most grand of ways. This weekend has been such a weekend. When we found out our family were coming in town this weekend, not even the weekdays’ thunderstorms could dampen our mood. So, in spite of missing the Beach Boys shows that they attended in Houston, we were excited about the possibilities of a summer weekend with family. Emory made a new friend in a Kermit plush doll and has really been into vintage petticoats(?), and Heather experimented with Nail Effects as we tried to not consider not getting to see Brian Wilson & Co.

In the end, what took our minds elsewhere? MOONRISE KINGDOM, the new film by Wes Anderson. We have always been obsessed with the mid-1960’s, so being transported there in the style of our favorite French films and the music of Francoise Hardy (Heathers favorite album) and experiencing Anderson’s tale of first love was just the answer and the best way possible to begin the weekend! I finally entered the current century with an iPhone. Hellooo, a whole new world. The weekend also brought time with family at the Omni Hotel – Fort Worth and its wonderful salt water pool and a bucket full of sunshine.  It makes the sun feel better, the skies a little more blue and the hope for summer and all its adventures – like our trip to New Orleans for Bo’s 33rd birthday(!) As Heather has been (watching and re-watching The Princess and the Frog) singing around the house “Dreams do come true in New Orleans!”