Sprinkle it With Dew

by lostindrawers

Birthdays are a tricky thing as an adult. One likes the feeling of people’s recognition and love, but one doesn’t want to come off like a spoiled six year old when it comes to birthday plans. Turning 33 is an odd thing, and I honestly didn’t know what to think about it.  What I do know is that my wife is excellent at making people feel special on days like these. So, 33 began with midnight cupcakes, sweet and kind words and drifted into a wonderful parade of phone calls throughout the day. It culminated in the arrangement of a dinner with family at what is now my favorite new restaurant in DFW: The Milk & Honey Co. in Keller TX. It was nice to see everyone of course, but to be honest I was JAZZED about the food. And it was amazing (full review soon). Flat breads with tomato butter, fried chicken and mac-n-cheese with chili oil, steak with truffle butter and crispy potato salad with garlic aioli. And the sweetness of homemade gifts and family generosity was quite nice.

And that’s what 33 means for me. It’s about spreading the lesson of this last year to others: family is important…no, it is THE important thing, because life is what we make it and it’s not worth making without loving people. It’s about personal memories captured and preserved, and treating each other with real love and compassion.  And tonight, my wife’s efforts brought it all home for me: 33 is going to be good, we just have to let it be.

Thanks to everyone near & far – of course in the words of Alice of a certain wonderland: “and a very merry unbirthday to YOU!”

New Orleans here we come!