New Orleans Part One

by lostindrawers

There is nothing like discovering a new city, with a unique rhythm and history all its own. So, when planning for Bo’s birthday we decided to fulfill one of our entries on a list of places we’d like to experience: New Orleans. Needless to say, the Crescent City did not disappoint. With Heather’s mom and dad along side us, our caravan of cars carrying 4 people and a certain puppy headed east to the Big Easy.  Prior to leaving, we were able to find lodging through the website AirBnB, which pairs travelers to privately owned accommodations.  The shotgun cottage we were able to book was very cute online (and highly, highly recommend this house!), but SO much more adorable and decorated in person. Our host Lillian was really nice and met our every need.  And while it was a mere 600 sq ft, it never felt like it with high ceilings, great art on the walls and was perfectly located adjacent to Magazine Street.  The city really took our breath away, with its charm and ever flowing energy. That is something that you can only get from a city that was formed in 1718. And away we went.

We got Emory settled in the wonderful Camp Bow Bow  day camp (more on this later) and off we went to meet up with with the parents to eat at the wonderful Salú, off of Magazine Street near our accommodations.  The true key to discovering a city is to go where the locals go. Magazine Street is just that kind of area in the city. It’s filled with shops, restaurants, bars and coffee shops; all of these things are walkable and easily accessible by bicycle or public transport. Salu’ was amazing small plates and tapas, and we explored the neighborhood and its character. The highlight might have been the wonderful sweet shop Sucré with the absolute best french macaroons you will ever see or eat. A must stop for anyone who likes sweet treats.

Soon enough it as time for Emory to join us and we headed off to the French Quarter, fighting traffic and making it to the famed district as the sun was fading and the night air was humid and warm with music. The Quarter is a phenomenon, a throwback to another time, which either of us would say is perfectly alright with us. We walked the narrow brick streets, found and admired art and music. We soaked in the energy and avoided the barkers and the riff raff to explore and soak in the old New Orleans. It was simply great. Nothing like the energy in a big old city, and New Orleans stole a big piece of our heart in these moments.

And when you’ve walked a lot and drunk men have tried to sit on you and you are hungry in the Quarter?  Grab a hamburger, grilled cheese or BLT at The Camellia Grill (open since 1946.  There we sat and ate and reflected on the perfect first day of one of the best times we have ever had on an adventure in any city. It was the perfect welcome to the city originally known to the French as Nouvelle-Orléans.