New Orleans Part Three

by lostindrawers

C’est Si Bon, New Orleans from Lost In Drawers on Vimeo.

We love Sunday mornings. Especially when in a new city like New Orleans, you can really get a sense of the soul of the city in the quiet of a Sunday morning where tourists are leaving and the locals are easily going about their day. The energy is authentic in such a moment, not manufactured by tourism or commerce. We had glimpsed so much of the heart and soul of this Crescent City all weekend. The music of the street performers drifting through the streets and back alleys, the love you felt in every bite of local food and the friendliness of people who love this town.

The first night we were in town, we had drifted through the Quarter, taking in the spectacle of Bourbon Street when we came across a duo of two street performers. These two ladies were engrossed in playing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” on violin and steel bodied guitar. It was a moment that while it was a performance, it was more a glimpse into the spiritual soul of a city. New Orleans has been through a lot, but its people showed us that they hold on and they make it and then make art out of the struggle.

We further felt out the city’s rhythm as we walked through the neighborhood with Emory, gave into the greatness yet again of Artz Bagelz (our favorite) and Community smoothies.  We took in the majestic oak trees of Audubon Park and then made our way back the French Quarter for time with family and to soak in all we could of a place that is now special to us. And what better way to spend a Sunday than with people we love, exploring shops and then finding brunch in a courtyard cafe with just a enough shade from the Summer sun. I don’t think we could stop smiling and yet wishing time would stop, because we really found something here in New Orleans. You can’t manufacture soul, and we really learned that:

“Dreams really do come true in New Orleans”

C’est le bon, New Orleans, C’est le bon!