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Month: July, 2012

On the Mend

One should never think, or say aloud…like I did…”Wow, its been a while since I’ve gotten sick” and then compound the dare to the universe by watching Contagion on HBO. Because the universe might just answer and a couple of days later you get the worst stomach flu (gastroenteritis) of my life. Because that is exactly what happened. My body betrayed me and I saw too much of the bathroom floor tile, as some sort of virus raged through my body. It was traumatic, it was like being pummeled, and most of all it felt like I was cut off from the world. It was not an experience I’d like to repeat, but I was able to get through without any hospital visits by forcing more Gatorade and SmartWater into my system than seemingly necessary and by allowing my husband to hover over me like an rookie nurse looking for approval. So, it’s nice to say that I feel much better, meaning not like death warmed over and with flowers from my husband and a trip around town (sunlight, anyone?)

But what also made recovery better was today’s package arrival from the wonderful Alphabet Bags! Isn’t it always a little extra special to get anything from the UK? We both love all the wonderful items from Alphabet Bags, and this little tote was the perfect item to complement our upcoming return trip to New Orleans for our 3rd wedding anniversary!  So, a HUGE thank you to cutest husband-and-wife-team Lucas and Hayley, not only for your wonderful tote I purchased, but for the personal note and for being all around inspiring and kind human beings!

So, go buy an Alphabet Bag! And enjoy the waning weeks of summer (and your health!) because for us today it feels mighty good to be on the mend.


Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Sometimes when it gets late at night and I’m not on Pinterest, I’m on Google, googling things to do in DFW. If you know us, we LOVE a day trip; give us a museum, and add a garden and anything sculpture related. The other thing we try to keep in mind is all things on a budget. Today’s adventure had all of them . I just happened upon the Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden, online and I knew I had to visit as soon as possible.

On a very hot Saturday, we headed to north Dallas to find this amazing gallery tucked into an old Dallas neighborhood. We met Mrs. Cheryl Vogel, curator, who was amazingly kind and gracious enough to show us around the wonderful exhibit RESPECT. Hearing the stories behind the art is always intriguing, and then we got to walk the sculpture garden (where we were allowed to take some photographs, we always ask permission!) that winds around the private residence in the middle of the grounds, all of which was gratefully shaded and filled with beautiful and moving works. It really is a hidden gem of the DFW art scene and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon finding inspiration around every corner. There is no admission and they are incredibly friendly, You MUST go and check out Valley House Gallery!

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden was selected as “Readers’ Pick” for Best Gallery in 2012 by the Readers of D Magazine!

Shop Update

A little shop update: We have been putting up new dresses on a regular basis, and today we have two great additions to our summer dresses. The best thing about carefully curating our store is that we can ensure we are putting out great dresses that are seasonally appropriate and wearable.

Here we have a great representation of the spectrum of vintage in a wonderful 1950’s dress and an equally wonderful early 1990’s dress. Very different dresses but both look current and work for a variety of looks. This is why Lost In Drawers Vintage is fulfilling on so many levels. We love taking our passion and pouring it into a business we love very much.


Lost in Drawers Vintage

Everything in life that holds value must have a beginning.

And so, after two plus years of dreaming, learning, planning, working and praying – we are proud to introduce Lost In Drawers Vintage! This beginning is the product of our shared dream of a business selling wearable everyday vintage at a reasonable price point. We love vintage, and have been buying it for years – so to be able to collect and curate a collection of vintage pieces that we love and are not costumes is really a dream come true.

To be honest, we could have put pieces of vintage clothing up online at any point, but for us it really is about selecting pieces that work for today’s modern wardrobe. Our though process has always been based on the idea that while anyone can wear vintage clothing, the real goal should be to have access to pieces that are vintage but can be worn a variety of ways in a modern way. Any vintage piece can be bought and worn once in a costume type of manner, but the value and uniqueness of wearable vintage is in the true integration of vintage pieces into one’s wardrobe.

We personally select every piece in our inventory, and more times than we can count we have made the difficult decision to walk away from a great buy on an item because we knew deep down that the piece was something that was not wearable on an everyday basis. We subscribe to the idea that there is a vast difference between the thrift items we all hunt for and find and those wearable vintage pieces that become a beloved part of a wardrobe. We want to sell vintage that stays in your wardrobe and is worn over and over. This means that we buy pieces with good silhouettes and when it calls for it, we do modify hemlines, structure and sleeves so that what we sell is ready to wear and beautiful when you first put it on.

Pricing is also a big part of our concept of wearable vintage. There are plenty of vintage sellers and stores who value vintage in a way that makes vintage inaccessible as clothing for everyday wardrobe. Pricing vintage should be fair, and so we take great care to price our items so that you want to wear them because you feel you found a great item at an incredible price. If an item was a good deal for us, it is priced as a good deal in our store. Items that are higher end fashion or deemed unique might carry a higher price, but we hope to make every item worth every dollar spent. From careful laundering and personal packaging, everything we do through the process of curating Lost In Drawers Vintage is done with all of our passion and love for vintage.

We hope that all our hard work and passion for Lost In Drawers Vintage comes through, and that we can share these vintage pieces with all of you.

We love what we do, and this new beginning is a big step of faith and our launch of bigger and better things in the future!

Heather & Bo

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Who Can Take Tomorrow and Dip it in a Dream

Though New Orleans stole our hearts, and is still in our minds, Fort Worth is our home base these days and gave us a good Saturday in the middle of a very hot summer. We were able to visit (for the 4 millionth time) the new (and always free) American Vanguards exhibit at the Amon Carter Museum and it was fantastic… really, really fantastic. We also reconnected with Doc’s Records & Vintage at their new far west location, which has a few racks of vintage clothing and more wonderful records that one could sift through in one visit.

As the day heated up, we had our first summer snow cone, or New Orleans shaved ice from Mr. John’s Shaved Ice on Camp Bowie Blvd – we tried Hurricane and Clear Cherry. It was quite the deal and the best sno cones we have had, well ever, and the owners are super friendly. And to continue with the summer theme, we grabbed some In-N-Out Burger with Emory and continued to work on sewing projects, with many things having been shortened, hemmed and several sleeves have been done.

Summer is here but quickly coming to an end, now if the Texas weather could just get that memo!

Snip, Snip, Snip

So, apparently I’m SuzyHomemaker (cause if you bake and sew you’re a home-maker?) as I recently dusted off my sewing machine that has been in its box since my late lovely Nana gave it to me as a present for our wedding shower. It always taunted me just sitting there in the box, and while I knew I wanted to open it but I was fearful. Which seems so silly now that I’ve worked on several projects and it really was so easy to use. I took sewing in high school and a lot of what our teacher taught us came back instantly. But winding and loading the bobbin always seemed to give me trouble. With a few YouTube tutorials…it was done! I’ve had a pile of thrift store finds that I’ve wanted to either shorten the hem, take off horribly long sleeves, or both. It a nice pile to have as these are all things I can practice on. Now, I’m not that confident to try it out just yet on our own Etsy store’s vintage dresses as we already made the decision that those will be taken to a very skilled tailor but of course.

This particular dress has been in the pile for a long time. I had needed to take it to the tailor. Originally, it was super long…all the way down to my ankles, and the sleeves were outdated. But I really saw that it had potential: I loved the collar, the floral print and those darling buttons. So as I got my machine up and running, I knew I wanted this dress to be my first project. Now, I should have taken a before photo, but in all seriousness…I was too excited and just started sewing away. And it was amazing that that it didn’t take long at all.

 But it was a fun, easy project and now I want to ransack every Fort Worth thrift store (even more than we already do) and hem everything! Though I do need to work on my sass and hands on hip, one or the other Heather, one or the other.

Texas Discovery Gardens + Butterfly House

So, apparently we really like butterflies? No, but really, another butterfly habitat. However, this was the butterfly experience of all experiences. Last fall while at this State Fair, we had seen the Texas Discovery Gardens in passing. And on this hot summer Saturday, we decided to check it out…mainly because we read up on the butterfly habitat. And you know what? The gardens were exquisite. A great mix of shade and sun, beautiful flowers and fountains, you almost forget you are in the middle in Dallas on the Fairgrounds. But, let’s talk about butterflies! When you walk into the two story butterfly habitat, it takes your breath away. We had never seen SO MANY amazing butterflies in one place. They are literally everywhere! Have you had a butterfly land on your nose! Have you? Well we didn’t, but sure wanted it to happen. The garden climate was beautiful and lush and it was amazing to walk around with butterflies literally following us and swirling about. Perfect.

What was not so perfect was the flat tire on the way home. We felt the car vibrate, pulled over and saw nothing, so we attempted to pull back into highway traffic and the tire went flat immediately. And if there is one thing that is frustrating and slightly terrifying, it is trying to change a tire on an interstate! So, with a cop blocking traffic, we were saved by a wonderful man who happened to be named Jesús and who quickly helped us change the tire and got us on our way. Seriously, he was a God-send and an incredibly nice guy. Crisis survived!

So, a great day of gardens and butterflies was interrupted but overcome to make a memory of the best of summertime in the South. Did we mention we like butterflies?

Dirty Tire Hands & Butterfly Dreams,

Bo & Heather


Cherry Pies are Good in July

I’m not going to lie, I was a little overconfident with my very first from scratch pie, so it was a new experience in that I had to go through 3 different pie crusts for this cherry pie Bo asked me to make. I was a little frustrated. I tried the pie crust from a box mix, then decided to just go ahead and try another from scratch pie crust. After several frustrating results and multiple calls to my mother, her confidence in me boosted my morale.

I knew it was something that would mean a lot to Bo, because as a kid, his favorite thing to eat at his grandparents house was cherry pie, or if a pie wasn’t readily available, cherry pie filling. So, I pressed on and the third time was really the charm. The crust was rolled and stretched and latticed (a new skill that seems to take more than two hands) and the perfectly imperfect pie for a July summer evening was baking in our little oven. And from Bo’s reaction to his first slice and the (too obvious) sneaks to the kitchen for additional forkfuls…our house has another pie to add to the rotation. So, the lesson?

As my mother ALWAYS says, if at first you don’t succeed…try and try and try and try and try and try AND try again!

The Swimsuit: A History of Twentieth-Century Fashion-1980′s

Day of Sun

This is the second time we’ve gotten on our bicycles this summer, somewhat of a travesty if we are being honest. No one rides a lot around here if given the option. The Texas heat really is brutal, and when we ride we like to take Emory along with us.  So, we haven’t wanted to torture him (I mean he is wearing a fur suit!) and there is the bugs to deal with. Our bikes are geared for the easy life, and we hope to get them out more as summer slips into fall. Speaking of bicycles, Bo and I have been discussing our helmet situation  i.e we need them. We’ve been looking on Amazon for Emory a little doggie helmet (yes, they exist it turns out) and yet it is proving difficult to find a safe, comfortable yet stylish helmets for ourselves. And if I keep hinting to Bo about how much I want an electric assist bicycle, a good helmet will be a must. Hopefully all these things will happen sooner than later.

Back to the topic of summer, what says a Southern summer weekend afternoon like an RC Cola and a Moonpie? Not much, I say. It’s quite the unlikely but perfect combination. But it being the summer, it is as if all Sundays are precious and boring and lovely…all in the same breath. We did absolutely nothing and everything in the same day. All at home. My mom always seems to jokingly ask “Do you guys ever stay home?!” And as much as we love an outing/adventure. Yes, we indeed stay home. Since, I’ve been on a baking kick we made some biscuits together and got several overdue things done around the house. Though it was a long day, we were once again reminded how blessed we are with air conditioning, something that is fickle in a home you rent. Ours has been on and off lately.

And the cherry on the end of the weekend was Turner Movie Classics showing Jean-Luc Godard’s Band of Outsiders! Shockingly something we have not seen. We seem to always get inspired for our Halloween costume by one of Godard’s films,. It’s summer, it’s hot…can it be Halloween already?