Dog Friendly New Orleans

by lostindrawers

Traveling on vacation to a new city with a pet can be a daunting task. We are lucky in that we have a Pomeranian that loves to travel, but the truth is that cities aren’t designed around pets or pet owners. Some places are better than others, and New Orleans ranks really high on our list of pet-friendly cities. There are a few things to look for when traveling with pets, and of which New Orleans had most if not all. From experience, dog-friendly cities will typically have more than one doggy daycare. New Orleans has several, and we chose Camp Bow Wow near the Canal and in the neighborhood were we were staying. It’s good to have options, but in this case we have nothing but stellar things to say about Bow Wow whom we will use again. New Orleans is a great town for lodging, and a lot of residences like the one we rented are pet friendly. Also, there good pet friendly hotels, like the Omni Royal Orleans (where our family was staying) near and in the Quarter.

Staying in a neighborhood is also really helpful for experiencing New Orleans as a extremely walkable city; a must for dog owners visiting town. Magazine Street was filled with dog owners out walking and all them were extremely nice. That neighborhood, like much of New Orleans, features a lot of cafes and restaurants with outdoors patios, courtyards and sidewalk seating. We had several great meals outdoors with Emory hanging out with us. And the true test for visiting a city like New Orleans might just be be the percentage of stores that are dog-friendly. After asking for permission to bring Emory inside, the Crescent City shop owners treated us (and Emory) well, and as any dog owner knows a lot of attention make a dog happy. And a happy dog in a new city makes a happy owner.

And where to go with a dog in New Orleans?  Go for a walk in the Garden District. Go to the French Quarter, and its best in the daytime. Emory went at night, but he was in a sling bag – large dogs might not do good in the evening crowds. Go to Cafe Du Monde anytime as its open 24/7, but note that your dog will have to stay outside the rail of the covered patio. Take a trip over to Audubon Park and walk beneath the extremely beautiful and huge oak trees. Walk near the canal. And most of all while in the Big Easy, slow down and realize that that is the point for you and your dog visiting this amazing dog-friendly city: to take it easy and soak in the best life has to offer.

P.S. Be ready for a very happy yet tired pup at the end of the day!