Texas Weekend

by lostindrawers

Hey, did you know we went to New Orleans? Well, we did if you couldn’t tell! *Wink*

And so, we are back in Texas, ya’ll! It was a weekend of favorite Texas things, with a trip to our new favorite downtown eatery, Oliver’s Fine Foods( broccoli rice and cheese soup, favorite!) It’s the best of American foods with a twist. And it’s nice to come back to town to a successful trip to Thrift Town. Thrift Town is one of those wonderfully comforting things in our routine: not always a sure thing, but always interesting and with more successful trips than not. We do love Thrift Town. No they are not paying us to say this, but we did get a FREE button for “checking in!”

But one sure fire, always perfect thing? Jinbeh Japanese Restaurant in Las Colinas. Wonderfully situated next to the Omni Mandalay Hotel and the adjacent, quiet and walkable canals, Jinbeh is our collective favorite restaurant in DFW. Who knew that two Texan-born young adults’ comfort food would be chicken yakitori and sushi! But not to simply fall back on old favorites, we finally made it to Fort Worth’s newest addition to the grocery shopping scene,Trader Joe’s. We have known about the grocer for a long time, as people in New York and California seemed to speak of it in revered terms. What we found was a perfectly nice grocery store of private brands and known favorites, and we found the juice and the fruit among the stand outs from our trial run. We shall have to see if Trader Joe’s can become a regular alongside our beloved Sprouts.

And if the weekend had an emerging theme, it would have been fresh, because we then found ourselves at the Dallas Farmers’ Market where we scores a pile of peaches, a colander worth of strawberries, yellow pearl tomatoes and the 10 limes for $1! And the verdict? It will be hard to go back to store bought fruit. Nothing is better than locally grown juicy fruits and veggies. We are utterly hooked. And as the week began in earnest, what to do with all those strawberries? Well, we turned to Pinterest for a recipe for a seemingly easy Strawberry Ice Cream Pie. And that verdict? Awful. Artificial in flavor and bad 1950’s semi-homemade texture later, we had an pretty looking pie and a pint of ice cream wasted on a seemingly good recipe idea. A great reminder that not every perfect picture and recipe on the internet actually is perfect. Perfection is overrated!

July 4th you are calling our name!

Cheers to you and yours, dear readers…Texas we are home.