Peach Cobbler Pie

by lostindrawers

You may ask…what’s the deal with all the pie talk? Simply put I’m a bit obsessed with pie. First, some back story. Ever since I was young, I hated the kitchen (my mother is a beyond wonderful baker, but she just couldn’t convince to get myself in the kitchen). My family would poke fun at me about not even wanting to get corn dogs out of the oven. A corny joke still going on in our family today.

I’ve since grown to love our kitchen, as evident by the fact that I’m not afraid of the oven. This weekend my family came to visit for the 4th of July, and my mom, out of nowhere , brought me a present. As I reached in the bag, my heart skipped a happy beat. It was an entire pie making kit that she put together for me. I mean…what a mother. She is so giving and incredibly lovely. She knows that I’m much more into baking than actual “cooking.” Receiving this gift led me to look for days for a simple but perfect recipe featuring ingredients we had in our kitchen. Everything worked out, even the from scratch pie dough except for the lattice work…I guess you can’t win them all. And Emory watched over the whole scene as I made a mess with dough and flour flying. This is the first from scratch pie, let alone anything I’ve ever made from scratch. So, when it turned out great, let’s just day that I’m pretty pumped. What is better than flaky buttery pie crust, sweet peaches and Blue Bell ice cream? Nothing I tell ya! Today is definitely a good, no, a great day.

And please excuse the temporary table, as with moving and all, we still have things in boxes and have yet to get our kitchen a proper island! Hear that Bo, a proper island!