The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

by lostindrawers

Today gave us a the gift of the most perfect weather. And what is the best way to enjoy such a gift in the middle of summer? You go adventuring. You want to get out into nature, see and interact with animals and unplug from the daily and weekly grind. We headed north to the The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, which is definitely worth a visit. Featuring a small museum but miles of unique and beautiful trails, The Heard has a nice animal exhibit and a wonderful walk through butterfly garden!

We hiked around and took in the forest boardwalk and all was well. We should have known that something was awry as the wind began to howl in an ominous manner and as we walked along the forest boardwalk, we came upon quite the large snake blocking the path! Needless to say, as a raindrop fell and we saw the snake, our afternoon became a search for retracing our steps and wrapping up our time at The Heard. It rather became a search for barbeque, and thank goodness for Rudy’s BBQ being our little post-snake oasis. If you haven’t been, it’s defiantly worth the visit. Snakes, weather and all!