Day of Sun

by lostindrawers

This is the second time we’ve gotten on our bicycles this summer, somewhat of a travesty if we are being honest. No one rides a lot around here if given the option. The Texas heat really is brutal, and when we ride we like to take Emory along with us.  So, we haven’t wanted to torture him (I mean he is wearing a fur suit!) and there is the bugs to deal with. Our bikes are geared for the easy life, and we hope to get them out more as summer slips into fall. Speaking of bicycles, Bo and I have been discussing our helmet situation  i.e we need them. We’ve been looking on Amazon for Emory a little doggie helmet (yes, they exist it turns out) and yet it is proving difficult to find a safe, comfortable yet stylish helmets for ourselves. And if I keep hinting to Bo about how much I want an electric assist bicycle, a good helmet will be a must. Hopefully all these things will happen sooner than later.

Back to the topic of summer, what says a Southern summer weekend afternoon like an RC Cola and a Moonpie? Not much, I say. It’s quite the unlikely but perfect combination. But it being the summer, it is as if all Sundays are precious and boring and lovely…all in the same breath. We did absolutely nothing and everything in the same day. All at home. My mom always seems to jokingly ask “Do you guys ever stay home?!” And as much as we love an outing/adventure. Yes, we indeed stay home. Since, I’ve been on a baking kick we made some biscuits together and got several overdue things done around the house. Though it was a long day, we were once again reminded how blessed we are with air conditioning, something that is fickle in a home you rent. Ours has been on and off lately.

And the cherry on the end of the weekend was Turner Movie Classics showing Jean-Luc Godard’s Band of Outsiders! Shockingly something we have not seen. We seem to always get inspired for our Halloween costume by one of Godard’s films,. It’s summer, it’s hot…can it be Halloween already?