Cherry Pies are Good in July

by lostindrawers

I’m not going to lie, I was a little overconfident with my very first from scratch pie, so it was a new experience in that I had to go through 3 different pie crusts for this cherry pie Bo asked me to make. I was a little frustrated. I tried the pie crust from a box mix, then decided to just go ahead and try another from scratch pie crust. After several frustrating results and multiple calls to my mother, her confidence in me boosted my morale.

I knew it was something that would mean a lot to Bo, because as a kid, his favorite thing to eat at his grandparents house was cherry pie, or if a pie wasn’t readily available, cherry pie filling. So, I pressed on and the third time was really the charm. The crust was rolled and stretched and latticed (a new skill that seems to take more than two hands) and the perfectly imperfect pie for a July summer evening was baking in our little oven. And from Bo’s reaction to his first slice and the (too obvious) sneaks to the kitchen for additional forkfuls…our house has another pie to add to the rotation. So, the lesson?

As my mother ALWAYS says, if at first you don’t succeed…try and try and try and try and try and try AND try again!