Texas Discovery Gardens + Butterfly House

by lostindrawers

So, apparently we really like butterflies? No, but really, another butterfly habitat. However, this was the butterfly experience of all experiences. Last fall while at this State Fair, we had seen the Texas Discovery Gardens in passing. And on this hot summer Saturday, we decided to check it out…mainly because we read up on the butterfly habitat. And you know what? The gardens were exquisite. A great mix of shade and sun, beautiful flowers and fountains, you almost forget you are in the middle in Dallas on the Fairgrounds. But, let’s talk about butterflies! When you walk into the two story butterfly habitat, it takes your breath away. We had never seen SO MANY amazing butterflies in one place. They are literally everywhere! Have you had a butterfly land on your nose! Have you? Well we didn’t, but sure wanted it to happen. The garden climate was beautiful and lush and it was amazing to walk around with butterflies literally following us and swirling about. Perfect.

What was not so perfect was the flat tire on the way home. We felt the car vibrate, pulled over and saw nothing, so we attempted to pull back into highway traffic and the tire went flat immediately. And if there is one thing that is frustrating and slightly terrifying, it is trying to change a tire on an interstate! So, with a cop blocking traffic, we were saved by a wonderful man who happened to be named Jesús and who quickly helped us change the tire and got us on our way. Seriously, he was a God-send and an incredibly nice guy. Crisis survived!

So, a great day of gardens and butterflies was interrupted but overcome to make a memory of the best of summertime in the South. Did we mention we like butterflies?

Dirty Tire Hands & Butterfly Dreams,

Bo & Heather