Lost in Drawers Vintage

by lostindrawers

Everything in life that holds value must have a beginning.

And so, after two plus years of dreaming, learning, planning, working and praying – we are proud to introduce Lost In Drawers Vintage! This beginning is the product of our shared dream of a business selling wearable everyday vintage at a reasonable price point. We love vintage, and have been buying it for years – so to be able to collect and curate a collection of vintage pieces that we love and are not costumes is really a dream come true.

To be honest, we could have put pieces of vintage clothing up online at any point, but for us it really is about selecting pieces that work for today’s modern wardrobe. Our though process has always been based on the idea that while anyone can wear vintage clothing, the real goal should be to have access to pieces that are vintage but can be worn a variety of ways in a modern way. Any vintage piece can be bought and worn once in a costume type of manner, but the value and uniqueness of wearable vintage is in the true integration of vintage pieces into one’s wardrobe.

We personally select every piece in our inventory, and more times than we can count we have made the difficult decision to walk away from a great buy on an item because we knew deep down that the piece was something that was not wearable on an everyday basis. We subscribe to the idea that there is a vast difference between the thrift items we all hunt for and find and those wearable vintage pieces that become a beloved part of a wardrobe. We want to sell vintage that stays in your wardrobe and is worn over and over. This means that we buy pieces with good silhouettes and when it calls for it, we do modify hemlines, structure and sleeves so that what we sell is ready to wear and beautiful when you first put it on.

Pricing is also a big part of our concept of wearable vintage. There are plenty of vintage sellers and stores who value vintage in a way that makes vintage inaccessible as clothing for everyday wardrobe. Pricing vintage should be fair, and so we take great care to price our items so that you want to wear them because you feel you found a great item at an incredible price. If an item was a good deal for us, it is priced as a good deal in our store. Items that are higher end fashion or deemed unique might carry a higher price, but we hope to make every item worth every dollar spent. From careful laundering and personal packaging, everything we do through the process of curating Lost In Drawers Vintage is done with all of our passion and love for vintage.

We hope that all our hard work and passion for Lost In Drawers Vintage comes through, and that we can share these vintage pieces with all of you.

We love what we do, and this new beginning is a big step of faith and our launch of bigger and better things in the future!

Heather & Bo

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