Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

by lostindrawers

Sometimes when it gets late at night and I’m not on Pinterest, I’m on Google, googling things to do in DFW. If you know us, we LOVE a day trip; give us a museum, and add a garden and anything sculpture related. The other thing we try to keep in mind is all things on a budget. Today’s adventure had all of them . I just happened upon the Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden, online and I knew I had to visit as soon as possible.

On a very hot Saturday, we headed to north Dallas to find this amazing gallery tucked into an old Dallas neighborhood. We met Mrs. Cheryl Vogel, curator, who was amazingly kind and gracious enough to show us around the wonderful exhibit RESPECT. Hearing the stories behind the art is always intriguing, and then we got to walk the sculpture garden (where we were allowed to take some photographs, we always ask permission!) that winds around the private residence in the middle of the grounds, all of which was gratefully shaded and filled with beautiful and moving works. It really is a hidden gem of the DFW art scene and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon finding inspiration around every corner. There is no admission and they are incredibly friendly, You MUST go and check out Valley House Gallery!

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden was selected as “Readers’ Pick” for Best Gallery in 2012 by the Readers of D Magazine!