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Month: August, 2012

Anthology Issue No. 8, Summer 2012

Anthology magazine simply makes me happy. I just used to be a magazine hoarder of sorts, but I have severely cut down in recent years. Besides the ever lovely Lula and Russh magazines, Anthology is a staple for inspiration and style. Bo always finds it for me at our local Anthropolgie whenever it comes out. I got to take this particular issue on our recent anniversary trip to New Orleans. And by far, this is my favorite issue. Every page seems chock full of inspiration of all types and styles for one’s home. Heres to anxiously awating the next issue!

P.S. РSpeaking of New Orleans and beautiful style, our thoughts and prayers have been with NOLA and surrounding cities in the wake of Hurricane Issaac. Our host each trip is Lillian, whose guest cottage is adorable and we have featured on the blog. She has been vital to our growing love for the Crescent City, and we have been praying for her and her home as she evacuated prior to the storm. Sending prayers, good vibes  and love to the best city in the South!


Loving: These new bug-eye sunglasses? No, really these are new, and round, and huge, and lovely and very well priced! $8

Reading: Anthology Issue 8, of which I love every page. New book suggestions from friends…I need to read, something other than a glossy page.

Watching: What aren’t we watching?! Let’s be honest. We like television WAY too much in this house. And the spectrum of shows is broad and quite ridiculous. But all in all, at the end of the day, we go to our favorite Disney and kids’ movies from our youth. With a dash of Game of Thrones. Lets keep it real.

Thinking about: Family, our own daily life, starting a family, the challenge of family dynamics, frustrating(?)family members, adding fur baby family members, can you tell I am thinking about family? And of course, family road trips, because…

Anticipating: Disney World and my birthday. I think it comes up every day.

Wishing: The above was here already, road trips, that it was the holiday season, colder weather, fall/winter clothing, giving to others, volunteering, new seasons and chapters to life.

Making me happy: My family, my little tiny family of three.  And the thought of churros from Disney World.

Following in the Currently Posts made popular blog- Sometimes Sweet!

Crescent City

I think the last time I shot an entire roll with film was in my photography class in college. Or maybe, it was with our underwater camera. Whichever, film is always tricky, surprising and really quite fun. It’s really nice not to lug around our Canon, and just knowing we have one shot, and not 40 attempts to get the “right” shot.

It was freeing to embrace the unknown element, and nice to have actual physical copies of our photos to put in frames or a photo album.

So, here is actual 35 mm film, unedited…enjoy!

Are These the Sweet Sounds that Called the Young Sailors

Just a little smidge of the happenings around the Liles house. So, there are a mere three weeks until we go to Disney World and only two weeks until I am a 28 year old female. 28…2..and an 8…wow. Is this happening?

And what’s going on with us? Well, we are STILL missing the lovely New Orleans. It’s a bit of a hangover of wonderful culture in the great Crescent City. Most days feature some time spent trying to figure out how to get back there as fast as we can. We miss the food, the inviting people, our rented shotgun cottage, our amazing hostess, the food (again), the Louisiana kind of heat that is actually bearable. We swear that we will be back shortly. Other than our daydreaming and scheming, life has just been getting back in the grove of being back in Fort Worth, acquiring beautiful business packaging supplies and celebrating our anniversary just a little bit more. We enjoyed a nice preview of my favorite time of year (autumn), Shark Week with Emory who loves all things sharks (?)

And we just had to get to the theater as fast as we could to see ParaNorman. I live for Coraline, which we saw in 3-D when it very first came out and love, love, loved it. Needless to say, we had high hopes for ParaNorman, and it did not disappoint! It was very similar to Coraline but from a boys’ point of view. And it worked. Bo may have teared up.

To keep our home life a little more fun, I purchased tap shoes and I’ve been tappa tappa tappaing away. Seriously, I love tap, even if it’s been a few years since having a pair of tap shoes on…not since my little girl days of being in jazz tap and ballet. And so, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on tap…and sweating…a …lot. It’s been a busy and fun time, as the shop is keeping us busy. We are collecting many beautiful things for our collection. I even scored many more vintage Ferragmos for the shoe inventory.

Thank the Lord above for providing, and providing the weather change…it’s a little dreary but so who can argue with 70 degree temperatures?

Shop Update

Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop


It’s shop update time! We are putting the last of the summery dresses up, and getting ready for a much cooler season. Can’t wait to shoot some new dresses, separates, coats while trying out our new backdrop. Fall truly is our most favorite time of the year. And while it’s still quite hot in Texas – we are more than ready for any sustained cold snap in Texas.

The store is really the best blessing we could have hoped for, and is the beginning of a dream realized. We never thought in the few short weeks we have been selling that we would have already shipped to places like Russia and Australia! It’s amazing to see the response, we are ready to do so much more and most of all incredibly thankful.

Here’s to cooler weather and exciting horizons.

Heather & Bo

We Love You New Orleans

Without the bad, we wouldn’t have the good. Right..right? This is something people say, yes? No, but really our trip to New Orleans for our 3rd anniversary began with quite a series of challenges. We were along on our trip, listening to music, talking about life and what not. And what do we hear? A big bang – as our brand new tire completely shreds and takes half of our bumper off! Nice. We were stranded on the side of the road, with puppy in tow and in a Texas summer…not cool, life. Not cool at all. But we didn’t give up. We limped on our spare tire to family, where a home cooked meal by Heather’s mom made everything okay.

So we are on the way…we got to New Orleans at dusk and the city was alive at night, where you can feel the energy on every street. We settled in, not know what challenges lay ahead. We woke to a morning thunderstorm, which makes vacationing in a city with your puppy almost impossible. Frustrated at losing half a day, we waited out the storm and headed out into the city where our air conditioning in our car quit working. Granted, New Orleans is not North Texas but it is sub-tropical and steamy. You NEED air conditioning. All these things: the tire, the bumper, the rain, the A/C…it was almost enough to give up and go home. But we stopped down, we prayed over the car and everything else and we determined to stay. And you know what? We parked the car, went on a walk along the canal and ate lunch at Stanley (With the most delicious pancakes with vanilla ice cream and Louisiana cane syrup with blueberries!) in the Quarter.

We were determined. And when we started up the car as the temp rose over 95 degrees? The air conditioning began working, and even better than before. It was enough to bring one to tears of gratitude. And, our trip took off and we had a blast visiting favorites restaurants and exploring new corners of this city that we now love. The parks, the architecture, the neighborhoods, the food and the people. New Orleans has a sense of its soul as a city. As we took in the city the next morning as all was quiet, it was a time to be grateful that our prayers were answered and that we never gave up. It felt like we were in step with a city that in its own way teaches one to never give up. New Orleans, thank you for stealing our hearts…again.

We intentionally forget our Canon at home and just brought film cameras and of course our iphones-can’t wait to get our film back until then…a few shots from the weekend!

Three Year Wedding Anniversary

My mother told me in the beginning of Bo and I’s marriage that the 2nd year of her marriage was the toughest. And for us, I think that has held true. We went through so much this year. From start to finish, it has been a succession of challenges. Somethings that were personal and kept private, and other things that we shared publicly. We have found that transparency and authenticity are key for our life, and in sharing our life we embrace it. Marriage and love is a choice for us, not a feeling as we have come to learn. We’ve chosen to love one another. We aren’t alone in our struggles, it is a fact that marriage is hard. I’m going to assume that any married couple would say it’s not easy, and especially at first. But you know, without the struggle we lose the chance to really enjoy those amazingly perfect days. There are really good adventures to share, and we have a lot of good days, and some are documented and some are not. I, Heather, remind Bo that it doesn’t take a lot to make this girl happy. Simplicity is the key.

We are learning to laugh through those ridiculous situations, and realize that we love each other and that we can’t control every element of life as it happens. So, as we embark on our fourth year together as husband and wife, we hope to learn from the past and blossom into the people we want to be for ourselves and each other.

These are the photos we took to document our Third year together. The First year and second year here and here. We try to stick with the same aesthetic, color and of course the location is where we were married 3 years ago!

Here We Come

Shop Update

A few more frocks were put into the “Frock Shop” as we like to call it at Lost in Drawers Vintage. As this year’s long summer slowly slides into autumn, we will be adding more than just dresses, from separates and even a few items for the men. But for now, summer is stubbornly still here, and we have some great dresses and there are some beauties.

Here are a few new ones that we absolutely love!

Shop Update

Well, look see…it’s time for a little Lost In Drawers Vintage Shop update! It’s been going well, and several favorites have already been sold and shipped out to their new owners! As you may know, we like to stock, beautiful, wearable vintage yet modern, wearable and affordable pieces.

Our passion is centered on making great vintage accessible to everyone and every wardrobe. We will be featuring separates in the future, but for now, we have a lot of great dresses that can not wait to find their way into your closet!

So, please check out our Etsy shop, and you can stay updated through Twitter & Facebook!