Happy 2nd Birthday, Emory

by lostindrawers

It’s August 3rd, which means it is a certain little guy’s 2nd birthday.

Like so many dog/animal lovers, we obsess and love our dog. But like we have always said from the day we brought him home, Emory isn’t really a dog/dog. He is a little boy mostly, and even some days he assumes the persona of a hybrid dog/cat. He is family, and the bond we have is more than owner/pet. He is our heart. When we met him, he hung back from the litter and just when the time was right…he stole our hearts with one tilt of the head. He makes us laugh constantly, like his obsession with tossing toys into any filling bathtub. He plays ball at 100 miles an hour, and might just have the soccer skills of a second grader. He makes silly faces, travels long distances better than any kid, and is emotionally in tune with us every day. We love him more than a single blog post can express.

We had a little birthday “party” today, which to most might seem extremely silly, but we love to honor him. Though, I think we are stopping at the 2nd birthday….as these things could get crazy year after year. And yes, there are pictures. We might just bore you with them later.

My parents were back from their Vegas trip and coming through town, so it was a real treat for him. He adores my parents, he knows when their car turns the corner to our house. We had been telling him they were coming, and he was an excited, nervous wreck of anticipation all day. And needless to say, many spins and face licks happened.

So, it’s been a full two years. And while it may be a little tough for us as a couple to accept that he is not a puppy anymore, every day is a gift and joy. But Emory never knew about that, he just always loves us unconditionally every day.