Three Year Wedding Anniversary

by lostindrawers

My mother told me in the beginning of Bo and I’s marriage that the 2nd year of her marriage was the toughest. And for us, I think that has held true. We went through so much this year. From start to finish, it has been a succession of challenges. Somethings that were personal and kept private, and other things that we shared publicly. We have found that transparency and authenticity are key for our life, and in sharing our life we embrace it. Marriage and love is a choice for us, not a feeling as we have come to learn. We’ve chosen to love one another. We aren’t alone in our struggles, it is a fact that marriage is hard. I’m going to assume that any married couple would say it’s not easy, and especially at first. But you know, without the struggle we lose the chance to really enjoy those amazingly perfect days. There are really good adventures to share, and we have a lot of good days, and some are documented and some are not. I, Heather, remind Bo that it doesn’t take a lot to make this girl happy. Simplicity is the key.

We are learning to laugh through those ridiculous situations, and realize that we love each other and that we can’t control every element of life as it happens. So, as we embark on our fourth year together as husband and wife, we hope to learn from the past and blossom into the people we want to be for ourselves and each other.

These are the photos we took to document our Third year together. The First year and second year here and here. We try to stick with the same aesthetic, color and of course the location is where we were married 3 years ago!