We Love You New Orleans

by lostindrawers

Without the bad, we wouldn’t have the good. Right..right? This is something people say, yes? No, but really our trip to New Orleans for our 3rd anniversary began with quite a series of challenges. We were along on our trip, listening to music, talking about life and what not. And what do we hear? A big bang – as our brand new tire completely shreds and takes half of our bumper off! Nice. We were stranded on the side of the road, with puppy in tow and in a Texas summer…not cool, life. Not cool at all. But we didn’t give up. We limped on our spare tire to family, where a home cooked meal by Heather’s mom made everything okay.

So we are on the way…we got to New Orleans at dusk and the city was alive at night, where you can feel the energy on every street. We settled in, not know what challenges lay ahead. We woke to a morning thunderstorm, which makes vacationing in a city with your puppy almost impossible. Frustrated at losing half a day, we waited out the storm and headed out into the city where our air conditioning in our car quit working. Granted, New Orleans is not North Texas but it is sub-tropical and steamy. You NEED air conditioning. All these things: the tire, the bumper, the rain, the A/C…it was almost enough to give up and go home. But we stopped down, we prayed over the car and everything else and we determined to stay. And you know what? We parked the car, went on a walk along the canal and ate lunch at Stanley (With the most delicious pancakes with vanilla ice cream and Louisiana cane syrup with blueberries!) in the Quarter.

We were determined. And when we started up the car as the temp rose over 95 degrees? The air conditioning began working, and even better than before. It was enough to bring one to tears of gratitude. And, our trip took off and we had a blast visiting favorites restaurants and exploring new corners of this city that we now love. The parks, the architecture, the neighborhoods, the food and the people. New Orleans has a sense of its soul as a city. As we took in the city the next morning as all was quiet, it was a time to be grateful that our prayers were answered and that we never gave up. It felt like we were in step with a city that in its own way teaches one to never give up. New Orleans, thank you for stealing our hearts…again.

We intentionally forget our Canon at home and just brought film cameras and of course our iphones-can’t wait to get our film back until then…a few shots from the weekend!