Anthology Issue No. 8, Summer 2012

by lostindrawers

Anthology magazine simply makes me happy. I just used to be a magazine hoarder of sorts, but I have severely cut down in recent years. Besides the ever lovely Lula and Russh magazines, Anthology is a staple for inspiration and style. Bo always finds it for me at our local Anthropolgie whenever it comes out. I got to take this particular issue on our recent anniversary trip to New Orleans. And by far, this is my favorite issue. Every page seems chock full of inspiration of all types and styles for one’s home. Heres to anxiously awating the next issue!

P.S. – Speaking of New Orleans and beautiful style, our thoughts and prayers have been with NOLA and surrounding cities in the wake of Hurricane Issaac. Our host each trip is Lillian, whose guest cottage is adorable and we have featured on the blog. She has been vital to our growing love for the Crescent City, and we have been praying for her and her home as she evacuated prior to the storm. Sending prayers, good vibes  and love to the best city in the South!